How it works

The Breakdown

  1. The first step is a conversation with one of our Managing Directors, who will answer your questions and verify that you are a good candidate for our services. The Managing Director will then gather tax return(s) and a brief summary of your assets to create a financial profile for you. Completing this initial profile takes about 20 minutes and provides our tax reduction experts a high-level picture of your finances.
  2. Once our team receives your information, we will perform a high-level review of your financial profile and tax returns and confirm interest in moving forward with your case. Within 7-14 days, we will schedule a 1-hour introductory Zoom webinar call, so you can meet with one of our top experts, establish goals and objectives, and we can get a thorough understanding of your financial picture. You should be comfortable, open, and willing to share information on this call. The more we know about you, the better our tax reduction team will be able to design the perfect plan to fit your needs exactly.

    To get the most value out of the Zoom call, you should be comfortable with the Zoom software and be somewhat familiar with:

    The approximate amount of assets you have and the type of accounts in which they are held (retirement, cash, stocks, real estate, life insurance, etc..).

    Amount of personal cash flow needs to fund your current lifestyle comfortably – and how much of your income is “excess,” above and beyond your spending needs.

    A general sense of your wish-list financial objectives, such as savings goals, retirement age, etc…and what risks you see as preventing you from achieving your goals.

  3. Within 7-10 days after the fact-finding call, you will be contacted to discuss the projected income tax savings and additional benefits, and the estimated amount of your investment in order to proceed with your tax plan design. You will be provided an engagement letter, and you have 10 business days to evaluate the engagement terms, as we can not guarantee the pricing or availability of services past that timeframe. You will have full access to ask any questions you may have during that period of time, so please ensure you and/or your significant other, business partners, etc….can set aside this time to focus on this important matter.

  4. When you decide to move forward with the engagement, you will work directly with the experts at Redwood Tax Specialists over the next several months, finalizing your tax reduction design, and implementing the strategies. At your next tax return filing, you will be provided with a “before” and “after” tax return, to ensure the promised savings were achieved. In most cases, actual cash savings are realized well in advance of the tax return filing through reduced estimated tax payments or withholdings.

  5. Most of the tax reduction strategies provide benefits year-over-year. After only a 3-year period, the upfront tax planning fees are often just 10% or less of the savings achieved!